Friday, January 2, 2009

Xmas pix ... more to come ... New Year's

Some of our pix (taken by Marie J) of our NJ/NYC adventures are posted now at Hopefully we'll get some from Unkie (aka Santa Larry) to add. Now, if I could just figure out how to get all the ones off my phone ....

Happy New Year, everybody! We spent it at home, quietly, with friend Glenda taking a break from nursing duties at her virally-challenged-but-recovering home. Spent hours warmed by the fire (not that it was that cold) taking a fun trip down 30 years of memory lane, then went outside to holler my greetings to the world and lucked out on some neighbors' really terrific fireworks.

Previously, driving to the store to get a baguette to go with our crab cake salad dinner (with one at home unbeknownst to vertically-challenged me, of course, on top of the fridge -- where I'd put it the day before), I spotted another friend on the road, absorbed in her own thoughts. Made me wonder how many times people glanced over at me behind the wheel and wondered at my own cranky middle aged face?

Interesting to think of how other people see me in my unguarded moments. Shucks, I'm still getting used to my face, too, still expecting a 30- or 40-year old babe to gaze back from the mirror!

But I really do need to project a little less cantankerousness, eh? Perhaps I'll just practice my new meditation OM behind the wheel: O[ba]MMMMMMMMM[aaaaaa]. Ah, that's the ticket. Who'd'a thunk politics could be peaceful?

As Tiny Tim said, "God bless us all, every one." All the best for 2009. It promises to be a rough ride, but we can do it. Yes, we can!