Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still a typewriter, after all these years.

OK, OK, I've thrown myself into the techno whirled and I try to keep up as possible. But despite an incredibly red cardinal outside urging me to "cheer, cheer" I admit to being a bit churlish at the moment. It appears the two photo albums I posted at the link below have ... well, vanished. I mean, first the page said I had to ask myself permission to get it. I did (thankfully I was in a good mood and granted me permission) but that went downhill when I got there to find ... nothing.




Plus the desktop downstairs (the girls') needed new antivirus software, so I spent $100 to reload Norton, which promptly screwed up everything. Everything on the desktop and page is HUGE and I can't get it back to size no matter what I tinker with under Control Panel. Even after replacing Norton with another program. And forget Restore -- it's forgotten everything, apparently, prior to this event.

And the new plug-in modem for my laptop blazes away, but the computer still can't find the network that's right next to it.

Long lament -- sorry, reader -- to let you know I'll try to find the pix and upon my (dubious) success, will post the new link. Or gee, maybe I could post 'em all here. Wow, what a concept!

Where's my typewriter??

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want some help? just let me know, if so....